Spaghetti With Burrata and Garlic-Chile Oil Recipe (2024)



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Deceptively simple but outrageously good. I inadvertently left the oil closer to 20 minutes on low. The fennel was even sweeter than I imagined and the oil itself had a fantastic perfume when it came time to dress the pasta. This is a keeper!


you could use maybe 6 oz mozzarella and 2 oz heavy cream to approximate burrata. By the time it is melted by the hot pasta, I don't think you will be able to tell the difference.


>> Take the Burrata out of the fridge at least an hour before you start making this, so that it warms up. << If you don't, the shock difference between the cold cheese and the hot pasta won't be appealing. Also, allowing time for the Burrata to warm up permits all that yummy creamy interior to become liquid, spilling onto the hot pasta and virtually becoming part of the sauce .. that's decadence. Be sure to have a bit of fresh baguette to mop the plate after the pasta is gone. :)

Janet H.

Made exactly as written, but added fennel pollen at the end before serving. Don’t hate me! I know it’s expensive but simple dishes like this lets it really shine

Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

A generous dollop of ricotta cheese would also be a lovely substitute, as it's also rich and creamy!


I cut one regular size burrata into quarters. Let the insides gush out, tossed and served each person with one of the quarters. But next time I think I will use the mini-size burrata and give one to each person. The insides gushing out is half the fun.


Look for first cold press. With expiration date and low acidity, 0.5% or below. Spain, Croatia, Greece and, nowadays, California.

Nancy Denhart

Given that price is not always the most effective yard stick, could your writers be more specific when suggesting the type of olive oil? "Good quality" typically seems more like a value judgement than help for novice cooks. Otherwise, your recipes are inspiring. Thanks.

G. A. Buckman

A lot of people think that they dislike fennel when they've not used it in the ways of Italian cookery. I'd say, "Try it, you'll like it". I make a fennel and ground meat with cream pasta dish that wins rave reviews whenever I make it. I'm going to make this dish as recommended but I might add an onion as well as the head of fennel. Fennel develops so much sweetness in the cooking process and loses a lot of its bitter, licorice quality


Burrata is much richer than mozzarella, so you might want to mix some cream cheese with your mozzarella to make up for that.

Sarah Copeland

So true, price is often very misleading. Personally (my own opinion, not the opinion of the NYT) I like California Olive Ranch or Thrive market's organic cold-press olive oil.

Emily Penfield

Its unclear to me how you would divide the burrata among the bowls of pasta. As I live in Puglia, the home of burrata, I have it readily available in various forms... Could you put an individual one in the center of each? Or would you cut a larger one into portions?I might be apt to either use an individual one in a "nest" or even coot for cuore di burrata.

Sarah Copeland

You can skip it--it adds a subtle sweetness but you can do shallot or yellow onion instead!

Eric Ligon

Delicious exactly as written. On my electric stove, which I hate, it took considerably longer for the fennel and garlic to soften, but what a lot of flavor!

T in Boston

Made this often, but after a hiatus made for Lent as a treat for one (me)…. 2oz whole wheat spaghetti, 1 med. fennel bulb, tbsp minced garlic, 1 heaping teaspoon of fennel seeds (crushed), 1 heaping teaspoon Aleppo chili flakes, just shy of 1/4c good EVOO… then 1 4oz būf burrata (out an hr for room temp), Maldon salt, chopped fronds to finish. Cook fennel, etc. for 25 min. low and slow for depth of flavor and sweetness. Gastronomic org*sm of a flavor bomb, so worth the 40 min. time to make.


I think you could easily omit the butter and cut the oil from 1/3 to 1/4 cup without sacrificing any of the taste or mouth feel. It would also cut 300 calories from the recipe.


Subbed fennel for white onion- worked well but came across as a basic pasta dish. Flavor pairing was very nice and I liked the recommendation to cut the garlic in long flat slices. Would love to try this recipe with fennel seeds/fennel in the future! Definitely warm the burrata to room temp, it makes the entire dish much colder.


Elegant, simple, with a striking flavor profile. Love this recipe.


Elegant, simple, with a striking flavor profile. Love this recipe.


Elegant, simple, with a striking flavor profile. Love this recipe!!!




I added poached chicken and pancetta to heft it up a bit and a few cherry tomatoes, mainly for color presentation. I agree that dividing the burrata into individual bowls would be fun but I just mixed it in with the pasta before serving. Otherwise I followed the recipe. It was wonderful.


Absolutely divine. Restaurant quality recipe, a keeper for sure. I added 1/4-1/2 cup pasta water, plus Parmesan cheese at the end. Mixed some of the burrata cheese into the pasta and on top at the end.


I have made this many, many times. I make it with 2 leeks and a tsp of fennel seed. (Chefs kiss).


First of all, my market was out of fennel, so I used an onion instead, so I didn't actually make this recipe. And maybe the fennel would have made all the difference. But there just wasn't enough burrata! I added the end of a goat-cheese log after we'd all complained about our initial helping, and that upped the creaminess factor and made the whole thing more satisfying. So, a sulky and disappointed B from me. It wasn't bad, just not the wow I was expecting.

double everything except pasta and burrata

I doubled everything except the pasta and burrata, eyeballed the spices and olive oil and that made it perfectly balanced. I cooked the fennel longer to make it more caramelized. I think the regular measures of the ingredients wouldn’t be enough flavor. 5/5 recipe


This is a superb pantry pasta. I cooked it exactly to directions and the fam ate it up almost without dinner table conversation. I always have a pkg of TJ's fennel in the fridge and I tend to keep some burrata around, voila! It even lends itself to a cold pasta salad since minus the burrata there is no butterfat. Totally a keeper.


Made last night as per the recipe. Delicious.

Blanca V.

Cook the fennel oil longer or use a mandolin for super thin slices. I really liked it but I also added extra red pepper flakes for more heat.

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Spaghetti With Burrata and Garlic-Chile Oil Recipe (2024)


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